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Over the first weekend of August 2019, more than 100 students from around Malaysia attended “Saya Malaysia//Kita Malaysia,” a national English camp focused on storytelling and identity in Malaysia. Students participated in workshops led by Malaysian professionals on mediums including spoken word, journalism, art, social media, music, and podcasting.

During the workshops, participants produced and shared their personal stories. On the last day of the camp, students presented their storytelling projects to one another and larger Kuala Lumpur community through a Saya Malaysia//Kita Malaysia Student Showcase attended by U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir, who reflected on the program in an article “Saya Malaysia, Kita Malaysia” in celebration of Merdeka Day.

The journalism project that won the Fay Khoo Award for the conference, “A Greeting of Cassava,” will be featured in the forthcoming anthology (November 2019) for the Fay Khoo Award for Food+Drink Writing.

We hope that you enjoy reading and listening to the compelling stories created by these talented, hardworking students.

With love and appreciation,

Julia Munslow, Emily Owens, Thomas Klein, Selma Ismail

Camp Coordinators

Congratulations to Our Award Winners


Golinia Michelle Anak Gody, SMK Kidurong

Honorable Mentions

Thurga Devi A/P Pusparaja, SMK Mudzaffar Shah

Lili Suhara Binti Ismail, SMK Abu Bakar Al-Baqir

Siti Balkis binti Abdul Taib, SMK Kemena

Peggy Tay Hui Fen, SMK Asyakirin

Ainur Aliesa binti Abdullah, SMK Jerai

Muhammad Aliff Shauqi bin Abdullah, SMK Kuala Krau


The Drawl Family Award

Chong Jia You, SMK Aminuddin Baki Chemor

The Heart of a Wolf Award

Irfan Hakimi bin Muhammad Shahril, SMK Jerai

The Seeds of Change Award

Nur Alisya Himairah binti Ridhuan, SMK Kerdau

The Cumulonimbus Award

Mifthahun Najihah binti Syfol Rizad, SMK Abu Bakar Al-Baqir

The Thomas J. Duffy Award

Tan Shu Shan, SMK Sri Kota

The Lillian Lian Scholarship

Laura Linggan, SMK Kidurong

The Alva J. Price award

Zul Hilmi bin Roslan, SMK Seri Bemban

The Faulhaber Fund Award

Nur Aleeya Najiha binti Mohd Zaid, SMK Seri Pengkalan

The Ismail Albeely Award

Abdul Hadi Bin Roni, SMK Mudzaffar Shah

The Lighting the Path Award

Sharvin Vicknesvaran, SMK Dato’ Haji Mohd Taib

The Emily Pomeranz Memorial Award

Nurul Jannah binti Yahaya, SMK Kampung Jambu

The Dr. Mona Imam Award

Amissa Kemelia Anak Meling, SMK Kemena

The Faulhaber Fund

Hanathisvary Tamil Selvan, SMK Tanjong Puteri

The Thomas J. Duffy Award

Au Jing Ru, SMK Dato’ Dol Said

The Moore Family Award

Siti Nur Aina Najeehah binti Mohd Nor Efendey , SMK Rapat Setia

The Emily Pomeranz Memorial Award

Nurul Atiqah Syazwanni binti Abdullah, SMK Asyakirin

The Thomas J. Duffy Award

Ain Mardhiah Huda binti Mat Taib, SMK Kuala Krau

The Klein Family Award

Nur Hasnani Atikah Bt. Mohd Adnon, SMK Wira Jaya

The Legacies of Love Award

Aida Nasuha binti Aziz, SMK Merbok

The Hamilton Proper Award

Norhariz Haikal bin Norsharizam, SMK Gali

What Students Said

It gave me opportunities to learn about different ways to tell a story. … Overall, it is certainly one of the best camps I have ever attended.

Student from Pahang

It opened my eyes about being Malaysian.

Student from Perak

The most important thing I have learnt was don’t let people determine who you are, show them who you are!

Student from Perak

Photos from the English Camp

Photos by Sara Schleicher and Nicole Feleo

Thank you to our sponsors

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